Wizkid Helped Me – Shaydee Reveals

Shaydee disclosed his relationship with Wizkid.

Nigerian artiste Shadrach Adeboye Folarin, prevalently known by his stage name Shaydee, has uncovered that he and individual artiste Wizkid have a solid bond. He shared the account of how Wizkid acted the hero.

The two artists some time ago was signed to EME music before they parted to become boss of their own.

Shaydee uncovered that Wizkid helped him out starting from the first day he he entered into EME building. Saying that there was no space for him to lay, but Wizkid mercifully volunteered to accommodate him.

He expressed that six rooms, which was the maximum run was filled up. Therefore, he stayed with Wizkid in his room more than a year which made them grew an obligation of friendship.

Shaydee said: “When I got signed there was no space in the house. There was a six bedroom flat and every room was full. So Wizkid invited me to come and stay in his room. Wizkid and I literally stayed in one room for over a year. We grew a bond just like that.”

Shaydee additionally discussed on not been signed under Starboy Label. Saying they planned on releasing a album together. Though it didn’t work as planned.

He stated: “That I can’t really talk about; Starboy is family any day. We don’t have to be on any signed arrangements to show that.

But obviously because of his busy schedule we have not been able to do a lot of things we planned to do. We actually planned to drop an album together. He’s my brother; whenever he comes around we make music.”

As indicated by Vangaurd, the artist made the disclosure during meeting with Showtime. The vocalist likewise noticed that he exited the record name with no issue.

He said: “I think I was the only one that left without any story. I think people were just looking for drama and they couldn’t find any with me.

I know how media works and I like my reputation to be good without blemish. I don’t have time for all that lies. We’re all trying to make money, so everyone is cool.”

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