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Uber announces new delivery services as a ride-hailer alternative

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Uber announces new delivery services

The company, Uber announces new delivery service forms, Uber Direct and Uber Connect, which the company revealed this week. Direct is a product delivery to retailers for shop sales, while Connect is a peer-to-peer program that provides products to family and friends.

This time is a very hard time for the company, just within time grocery items was added to Uber Eating platform as the their business slows because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In conjunction with the grocery goods, a fresh platform for distributing PPE (Person Protective Equipment) to people at forefront has been added by Uber and contended items are also been delivered in the markets by Eats.

The services, Connect and Direct will be as well set to function in some cities for a start, though it might be seen differently over the place it will be used. For example, in NYC it’s distributed all around the counter medication in collaboration with Cabinet, meanwhile the general mail parcel delivery is in substitution with the service of public postal in Portugal.

Uber Connect offers the same-day deliveries from one person to another, which Uber markets as a medium for people to send their family members and friends every day care items, materials, games and other quarantine items. It’s been introduced in Australia, Mexico and the US in more than 25 cities. Connect is not that far at all from Uber’s simple rider service, but it is carrying things instead of taking people door-to-door.

Both are all delivered now, but will grow over time when Uber explores how the business operates and what people expect. Advancing the distribution front would also mean rising the drivers ‘usage level and continuing earnings despite the significant declines in demand for general drivers’ services, even though Uber Eats recognizes that a substantial rise in use is taking place as more consumers are seeking to get direct deliveries to doors.

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