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Top 5 things you should never do in the morning




Things you should never do in the morning. How you start-up your morning determines how your day will look like. If you start-up your morning being lazy, weak or doing some of the things listed below might give you an unproductive day. Here we will talk about 5 things you should never do never do in the morning.

Here are 5 things you should never do in the morning

  1. Don’t snooze your stop watch in the morning:
    Some people normally snooze their stopwatch and go back to sleep and small time the stopwatch rings again thereby causing an unfinished sleep.
    However, when your stopwatch rings, just wake up and stretch your yourself and prepare for the day or rather off the stopwatch entirely and give yourself more rest if you over worked the previous day or worked through out the night.
  2. Don’t login to social media
    Once you wake up from bed, you should not grab your phone or laptop to check for messages, because it will cause you to lie back on your bed and start replying those messages. And sometimes you will end up chatting for hours which will alter some of your plans for the day.
  3. Never over eat or take excess food in the morningTaking excess food in the morning will make you feel tired and dizzy. Therefore it’s always advisable to take little food like tea, water etc in the morning.
  4. Never forget to eat before going out in the morningEating in the morning keeps your body at alert. Going out in the morning without eating is likely to make you sluggish which might cause your day to be unproductive.
  5. Don’t leave your room dirty while going out in the morningIt is always advisable to keep your in order before going out. Keeping your room untidy will always make you feel like you have a job you left undone at home which you will still attend to.

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3 Tips to Target Choice Audiences for Your eCommerce Business




3 Tips to Target Choice Audiences for Your eCommerce Business

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in E-commerce businesses across the globe.
Entering the digital market is very easy, but to make your mark and stand out among others isn’t easy anymore.

Currently, most Digital marketers seek the service of tech consulting firms to help them in building a successful e-commerce business. But, there are few things that you should know even if you have got some expert help.

Often times we as digital marketers make the mistake of assumpting our content is for everyone. We overlook the fact that targeting a specific audience helps you get more visitors on your website or any other digital platform you are using for your business venture.

That being said, we bring you 3 Tips to Target Choice Audiences for Your eCommerce Business

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1 Understand Your Audience:

Just before you start planning an e-commerce business marketing strategy, you need to understand and know what kind of audience you want to target. It goes beyond the gender and age group. You have to think about the fact that what matters to them.

What type of content will they prefer to see or will find intriguing? Knowing your audience eases your task to a greater extent.

2 Your content should be Relevant:

If your content address your audience’s needs, wants, and preferences directly, you will be able to create ads that will surely capture their attention.

For example, if you are selling kitchen utensils or accessories, you can launch campaigns that address the common issues women face while cooking.

Keeping your target audiences to heart will help you come up with the content that will be relatable for them, and they will feel compelled to shop from your platform.

3 Market Your Content:

After content creation, the advertising campaigns needs to done via the right channels. There are multiple social media and other digital platforms that make it easier for e-commerce businesses to target a significant number of audiences.

Living in an age of social media, you must make the most of all these platforms and use them all to market your content. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Since all age groups are using all of these platforms, this should reach the target audience of your choice.

4. Keep Your Website Optimized:

The role of your website in keeping the audience engaged can’t overemphasized. Your web platform makes your brand credible for the customers. Therefore, you must make sure that your website is optimized regularly.

Digital markets are evolving at a rapid pace. Each day brings new trends and tactics that you are bound to follow as part of your marketing strategy to run your business venture successfully. The more you invest in keeping your digital marketing strategies, the more you will benefit from it.

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How bounce rate can affect your Company




How bounce rate can affect your Company

Most people who don’t know how to properly understand web analytics gets very sacred of the work “bounce” itself.

Though lot’s of confusion, and many people do not know the meaning and fundamental metric to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing actions.

You need also understand what to optimize, where to optimize and how to optimize.

Here in this article we will explain in How bounce rate can affect your Company and how you can manage it.

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What Bounce Rate Means

A bounce rate is a number expressed as a percentage, and it indicates how many visitors visited a single page of your company website and then left, without continuing to navigate to the next page. Each time this happens, a rejection is counted.

Since the definition isn’t standard, you can have different values on various tools. However, it is the form used by the most used system in Web Analytics in the world, Google Analytics.

Note✓ there’s a big difference between bounce rate with exit rate. Both have different meanings and impacts. The bounce rate occurs when a person accesses only one page of the website.

The exit rate is a metric to show how many people are leaving the site from a given page, regardless of whether or not it is the first page visited on the site.

Why remains important is tracking the Bounce Rate
All companies must have clear goals on their websites. It can be the download of a material, a quote request or a newsletter subscription.

And usually, the achievement of this goal requires at least one click, which means that when there is a rejection, among other things, the site was unable to lead the visitor to the goal.

By tracking the bounce rate, your company is able to obtain vital details about the effectiveness of calls to action and the message, for example, and then think about optimizations and improvement to bring down bounce and possibly increase conversion.

Running traffic from Google Ads, you have a bigger issues with bounce, as a high percentage means money wasted on clicks followed by an increase in cost per lead.

Also, Google Ads put into consideration the bounce rate when calculating the quality score of the ads, that is, the higher the bounce rate of the ads’ landing page, the lower the quality score and the higher the cost per click of the campaign.

Ways to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate

So when is the rate very high compared to your new visitors? What should we do? We have 3 tips that will assist in reducing your bounce rate and improve your blog even more.

1. Create a good structure for your text

Create content using short paragraphs: Using more than seven lines in a paragraph isn’t nice. Think that your user needs a text with robust ideas. To do this, create subtitles and a continuity line in each topic.

Besides, you can use bullet points, like the ones we use below:

They help to explain the subject better;

Order the ideas you want to pass on.
For example, HK Certifiers, a company that offers Construction Certificates services, needs to be specific about the type of article it will publish on its website. It needs to be useful for the target audience of the business.

2. Insert more internal links in your post

If you have content that can give more depth to your post or even continue on points that you do not intend to talk about in the text, creating internal links can be the right solution.

3. Use CTAs (Calls-to-Action) on your page

One of the main focuses of Inbound Marketing is to generate leads, both for relationships and sales. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage your visitor to become a lead through conversions, that is, to make the visitor fill out a form to leave their information in exchange for educational material, a trial request, contact etc.

For example, Media Shark, a mobile app development agency, can use a CTA for a free consultation about a mobile application idea. That will take the pressure to make a significant decision straight away.

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5 Best Investment Apps in 2020




5 Best Investment Apps in 2020

The pendaenic has led to an increase in brokerages and online investment by different companies. So, deciding on what Apps are best to invest in 2020 can be a hard decision to make.

Depending on finance, time, manner of investing, there are hundreds of apps It’s either you are a stock trader or an angel investor. However, these apps listed in this article suits all kinds of investors.

Being a beginner it permitted you have lots of fears and doubts but, there are investment apps to help beginners get used to and comfortable with investing.

Importantly, you’ll need the apps that won’t end up making you lose all your money in a bid to get more.

In this post, I will be taking a more detailed step in analyzing the best investment apps in the market that you can choose from. It also contain the app ratings on app store to see how well its doing on the market.

Now do you know what investment apps are? We explain in details here

What are Investment Apps?

Investment apps are mobile apps that provide a platform for individuals to invest and also track their investments to increase their initial money.

one vital aspect about any investment apps is the ability to track your investment. An investment app that does not have this feature is not worth it.

So let’s get into the list first.

5 Best Investment Apps

1 Trove App

5 Best Investment Apps in 2020

Trove is an investment app which lets you to buy US stocks, Chinese and Nigerian stocks from where you are in Nigeria.

Previously, investing in US stocks from Nigeria wasn’t possible but thanks to the upgrade in technology; this can now be done from the comfort of your bed. This makes Trove one of the best investment apps around.

Trove allows you to invest as little as N1,000 Naira through their app. It features top Nigerian companies and conglomerates like Dangote cement, Jumia and other US brands like Netflix, Microsoft, etc.

With a rating of 4 of 5 on Google play store, and a good number of positive reviews, it shows how effective the app can be.


Allows you to automate your investment by linking to your debit card

Offers a flexible capital investment rate

It offers both an android app and iOS for Apple users

A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account

A four-step registration process

2 Bamboo

5 Best Investment Apps in 2020

InvestBamboo is an investment platform featuring over 3500 stocks named on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchange which you get full access to as a user.

Accounts in Bamboo can be funded with both dollars, Naira or their local currency easily to start trading. Bamboo brings a much more clear charges policy making them a cool platform for beginners.

For now, Bamboo is fully launched in Nigeria and is one of the best investment apps in the country

Furthermore, with the 2FA verification process integrated by Invest bamboo; you can rest assured that your investment is fully protected.

Bamboo has a rating of 3.7 (194 ratings) on Google Play store and a rating of 4.9 (19 ratings) on Apple store.

Features of Bamboo

Bamboo gives full access to over 3000 Nigeria and US stocks

Flexibility of funding your account with both Naira and dollars

Offers a simple dashboard to track your investments

High bank level security with 2 Factor authentication verification (2FA) and data encryption

Protected by NG & US Sec

Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available for download on their respective play store.

Uninvested cash left in account accrues 1.45% interest annually.

3 Cowrywise

5 Best Investment Apps in 2020
5 Best Investment Apps

Cowrywise does more of savings than investment. You have an increased interest when saving.

However, Cowrywise also let’s you to invest in mutual funds, and also earn by compound interest.

For as low as N100 you can start saving on Cowrywise platform.


Flexibility in funding your Cowrywise account with any Nigerian bank (either manually or automatically from your bank account.)

Offers different types of savings and Investment plans you can choose from.

Minimum duration of investment and savings is 3 months

Offers Halal savings for Muslims interested in saving with Cowrywise

You can create as many savings plans as possible

Cowrywise dashboard is designed to monitor investments and returns.

Allows you to invest in different types of mutual funds

The systematic Investment program allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly into a mutual fund daily, weekly or monthly.

Cowrywise does not charge any SMS fee or account maintenance fee.

Though we can go on and on, we have decided to keep it on this number for now. But be assured that this apps are the Best Investment Apps in 2020 and you can trust them.

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