Simple way to get 12GB for N900 On Airtel NG

12GB for N900 On Airtel NG

Airtel 12GB for N900 – This may seem like an idiotic thought or maybe you view it as “non-sense”, yet trust me it certainly sounds good to a few people.

I am aware of some person who are as of now utilizing it and won’t be cheerful given this straightforward trap out for other people. Be that as it may, this is Nigeria where everybody is allowed to have in excess of one sim chip or you can call it unique multi-reason sim.

In the event that you have Airtel 4G in your area and the speed is mind blowing, at that point you can basically attempt this basic trap on the off chance that you are not tied of surfing the net.

The Tips If The 12GB

Airtel NG is as of now handing out free 4GB data on the off chance that you are upgrading your sim or you are another subscriber. Another sim will cost you atleast N300. Which means, you can get 8GB for N600 or 12GB for N900.

This is the means by which I touched base at my estimation, since 1 sim goes for N300 + free 4GB, each sim you get you get 4GB.

The main pressure is that you have to purchase and enroll another sim once you debilitate your present free 4GB. This is more similar to utilize and dump, no string connected. Like I stated, this thought may sound so inept yet in the event that Airtel 4G is great in your area, at that point it will bode well to give this a short.

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