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Shipments of Smartphones in China falls to 18%

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Shipments of Smartphones in China falls to 18%, Because of COVID-19.

More approximate estimates from Canalys. Following a 13% decline in global mobile shipments over a year, China’s stats are much worse. Shipments in Q1 on the world’s largest mobile market dropped 18 percent year-over-year. Perhaps, it was to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic.

It indicates that China was hit hard for the first time in Q1 because it suffered the new coronavirus outbreak. The first known case dates to the middle of November and ultimately has a major impact both on local retail patterns and on the global supply chain, which is primarily headquartered in China. The lowest figure since 2013 has been 72.6 million shipments.

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Naturally, the numbers could have been higher. Although 18% is very high for an industry that had been declining long before the virus appeared, Canalys says those statistics have been rescueled by the new status of the smartphone as a ‘key commodity.’

The smartphone’s status as an ‘ essential’ personal item has stopped the market falling further during the pandemic.

The Q1 performance was also buoyed by China’s well-established ecommerce channel for smartphone distribution, and the fact that most Chinese businesses were able to resume work rapidly after two weeks of nationwide travel restrictions.

Unfortunately, the same conditions do not apply in any other major markets in the world.

In a quote, Canalys VP Nicole says.
Smartphone market in China

However, economists remain “cautious” about the potential of the economy to rebound back in China, let alone the rest of the world, with certain countries already being impacted by the pandemic.

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