Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite is said to be Launched by October

We found out two weeks earlier that Samsung was planning a Galaxy S20 Lite. Presently, ETNews, the affordable part of the S20 line will be releasing in October, according to the South Korean News desk.

With the new report, referred to as the “Galaxy S20 Pen Edition,” which suggests an S-Pen style and closer ties to the Galaxy Note series the actual name of the device is not yet confirmed. Additional speculations say that the phone could be referred to as the “S20 Fan Version” or S20 Lite.

The phone is supplied with Samsung’s One UI 2.5 and is made to run on a Snapdragon 865 according to information provided. Until now, the rest of the knowledge remains elusive.

The latest report also details that the second half of the year Samsung will launch the Note20 series in August together with the 5 G model of the Flip, while a GalaxyFold 2 will be released later in September. The new report will also be published.

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