PS5: Release Date, Cost, Specs, Gaming, etc.

ps5 playstation game 2020
ps5 playstation game 2020

PS5 Intro

Sony have started to show off the system in bits, as the PS5 gets closer and closer. We have already be informed about the holiday 2020 launch, it’s powerful 8-core processors, it’s ambitious SSDs and it’s ray tracking capabilities. If the machine is performs as advertised, load times can be drastically shortened by showing graphical contents that are more lively than ever.

As the DualSense controller of PS5 have been revealed by Sony. The peripheral looks very different from Sony’s former DualShock series, with a two-tone, vertical grip, and a strange “Create” button that replaces the “Share” feature.

Together with the ambitious 3D audio and RDNA GPU, the DualSense will help to distinguish between PS5 and every other games that’s on the market today. Continue reading to get more about PS5, including its release date, specs, anticipated games, and more.

PS5 Specs

Processor8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
GPU10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, RDNA 2 architecture
MemoryCustom 825GB SSD
Expandable memoryNVMe SSD slot
Optical drive4K Blu-ray drive

Thanks to a live stream from Sony on March 18, the PS5 is a little less enigmatic than before. Sony’s leading director of technology, Mark Cerny, presented an introduction to some of the most significant aspects on the architecture of the PS5 few hours ago. The lecture was very academic in nature to the detriment of some fans who wished to get a better insight, but it gave us some good details about how the PS5 could function and on the technology necessary to make it possible.

During the meeting, Cerny addressed three key elements in the development of the PS5, namely, “Listening to developers,” “Balancing Innovation and Revolt” and “To discover new visions.” These three categories basically covers SSD setup of the PS5, usability backwards and 3D sound capacities. We will also learn the functions of CPU, GPU and RAM, but this knowledge could be more valuable to developers than users at the main time.

Listening to developers

While the PS5 can deliver better graphics than the PS4, load times are the most pressing concern. Cerny clarified that the internal PS4 hard drive will load roughly 1 GB of data in seven seconds, at most and normally the number is 20 seconds when you calculate search times.

In alternative, according to Cerny, was to use solid state drives (SSDs), which at first came out at the era of PS4 which was extremely costly but now it’s very common. Since SSDs requires no search time and much quicker data retrieval, Cerny has said PS5 is targeted at a load rate of 5.5GB/s. It is almost 10 times quicker in response than the PS4.

It should be pointed out that load times in reality depend more on how easily a console will scan data than merely how quickly the PS5 will have load times, instead of ten times that will also have a significant effect on how players play.

Cerny said, furthermore, that the default PS5 hard drive will be 825 GB, to be cost-effective. He did not specify whether it is 825 GB of space or the system total space.

PS5 Release Date

Like Sony said, the official release of the PlayStation 5 falls on Holiday 2020. In other to make it right inline with Xbox Series X.

A clear date is yet to be obtained from public announcement or retail availability from the console, but reports have spread easily around the possibilities. Despite several speculated February, yet their assumptions was never right including the acclaimed 18th March info leak from MaPSErebus Twitter.

On 15 November 2013, the PS4 hit shelves, and we expect Sony’s console to launch into stores around the same timeframe in 2020.

Price of PS5.

The PS4 was successful with its $399 price launch, weakening the xbox One, but the PS5 could not be as cost-effective. Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda projected in its Q2 forecast (as confirmed by Twinfinite) that the console would be launched for $499, up to $100 increase to that of PS4 and PS4 Pro.

This forecast came from the February 2020 Bloomberg report, stating that Playstation 5 could be costly, because of expensive parts such as DRAM and flash memory, which costs more than the PS4 at launch. In Bloomberg, analyst Damian Thong of Macquarie Capital predicted that the price of the PS5 will be about $470.

Structural Design

In August 2019 a Sony patent findings could give us an overview into the future architecture of the PS5. The patent illustrations show the feel of a clumsy gaming console with a wide variety of USB ports, a disk drive and a special V-shaped casing, which will help keep the machine cool.

The people of LetsGoDigital ridiculed their own Playstation 5 version based on patent photos, which showed how the unusual shape can be an appealing game console.

Gizmodo workers sent pictures of the purported PlaysStation 5 dev package, apparently the same as the patent photos that circulated few weeks ago.

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