Princess Shyngle, the Ghana-based Gambian actress, is once again included in the viral news over an adult video scandal in Nigeria.

Viral news over an adult video scandal in Nigeria.

The dubious movie actress is at the focal point of a major case being researched by the Delta State Police Command in Nigeria.

The Instagram show made a shocking disclosure in a meeting with The Sun about how Nigerians gain admittance to her naked photographs and utilized it for blackmailing her and her best friends.

At the point when asked how the blackmailers gain admittance to her naked pictures and recordings.

She opined that mystery cameras were planted in her friend’s room which shot them when they Where naked.

As per the lovely performing artist, she and her companion had been called to Asaba for the sake of shooting a film.

Moreover, they were before long to find that the entire act was a device.

These were her correct words with respect to this:

“We were lured to Asaba in the name of shooting a movie, but these people that lured us in the name of a woman, actually had their own agenda, which was to steal from us, extort money from us.

“They planted secret cameras in my friend’s bedroom so that when we are having a shower or walking around the room naked, they have pictures of those things.

“They stole my personal phone and also got my personal information, my pictures and videos.

Those things, they used to blackmail us, that if we don’t pay them, they would use the videos and publish our nude pictures,” she expressed.

Princess Shyngle announced the issue to the police in Asaba. The blackmailer has been charged and remanded in jail guardianship at the present time.

Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

It was revealed before the full details how Princess Shyngle shakes the web with a wild twerking video in her transparent dress.

In the video, Princess Shyngle was seen tweaking her back side to a Morgan Heritage music.

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