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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will be officially available in India from 29th may

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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro availability

A few weeks back, OnePlus formally unveiled 8 and 8 Pro to the Indian market for its new flagship smartphones.

Owing to COVID-19 constraints, the release date for the subcontinent had not been announced, because there is high possibility that there might be a showdown. Amazon had also a hard starting with a planned release date of May 11, which never go as planned.

The Indian arm of OnePlus has finally announced the date that 8 & 8 Pro will go on sale in India today, through their Red Cable Club network, on May 29. They’ll be available on Amazon, specific mobile shops and on the OnePlus website.

The Pop Up package will come in limited edition for the two phones, which will consist of a headset together with a Bullet Wireless Z headphones, a Karbon Bumper Casing and a Cyan Bumper Casing, which will be sold for just INR 1,000 higher than the smartphone shop price.

The Red Cable Club group will be previllaged to have this package on the early hours on 28th may.

For 6GB RAM and 128GB memory the price of OnePlus 8 will be INR 41,999, for 8GB RAM and 128GB memory it’s price will be INR 49,999 and INR 49,999 in case you prefer 12GB and 256GB memory.

On the second part, INR 54,999 will be the starting price of OnePlus 8 Pro with 8GB RAM and 128GB memory and for OnePlus 8 Pro with 12GB RAM and 256GB memory will be at INR 59,999.

During the launching, there will be a discount which will be up to INR 3,000 for 8 Pro and a discount of INR 2,000 for OnePlus 8 when you use SBI credit card to make your request. Also if you buy using normal credit or bank debit cards from and or from all retail shops using SBI credit card, there will be no cost EMI for 12 months.

Bajaj Finance allows you to buy the phone by ⅓ of their main price as you pay the remaining installmentally per month for one year. In conclusion, the members of the Red Cable Club will get 10 percent discount for the screen protection package.

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