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Microsoft to preview Xbox Series X games on 7th May.

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Xbox Series X games demo

Next month Microsoft will display some Xbox Series X games. The software maker will host a special Internal Xbox stream on 7 May with a emphasis on Xbox Series X titles.

The event in the organization will feature next-generation gaming from Microsoft’s “global developer partners.” though the tirltle for Xbox Game Studio games will be made known later.

So pumped to see our partners showing us a first look at Xbox Series X gameplay next week. According to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing General Manager. Also aware of some large summer plans being worked hard by Xbox Game Developers staff. More details in the near future. We are likely to see further Xbox Series X plans from Microsoft in June as E3 was supposed to take place.

The Microsoft case is confirmed shortly after Ubisoft has released the first Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer. This holiday will be the latest game in the series of Vikings, which can be played on Xbox X and PS5 Games.

Ubisoft has announced that during the Microsoft gathering, it would showcase gameplay in Valhalla. The time for the event of Microsoft’s inside event will be by 7th May at 8AM PT / 11AM ET.

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