LG is requested for 13 new smartphone names for the Q-series

LG is requesting for 13 new device names for the Q-series, along with a new Q30 lineup in Korea.

The My LG Phones article points out that 13 new product names were requested by the South Korean mobile manufacturer for the LG Q-series. The request was sent to the (KIPRIS) that’s Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

The names requested are Q31, Q32, Q33, Q51, Q51S, Q52, Q53, Q61, Q62, Q63, Q91, Q92, and Q93, respectively. Under Class 9 was all the names filled which means that they are smartphones.

You will be able to find all the latest names LG has just requested for when you go to the KIPRIS site and search for “LG Elecrtonics” then sort by “application date” in order descending.

All of these Q-series phones have latest models in their lineup apart from the Q30 series. Maybe we would expect the LG Q30 series to replace the K10 with a new numeric scheme, which is more cool than to announce a new phone with the same model number, following the particular year it was launched.

The LG Q51, revealed back in February, which is powered by the Mediatek Helio P22 plus a 6.5-inch 720p+ display and 3 GB of RAM backed by a 4,000 m Ah battery, is the only phone we have in our libraries.

In next few months, the LG Q collection of devices is expected to be made available.

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