Klopp – Liverpool players are motivated by club supporters not “Holy Grail”.

Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager says after Liverpool’s Sunday victory, that Liverpool are motivated to win premier league title by club supporters and not “Holy Grail”.

It’s obvious that the Never Work Alone club have not lifted premier league trophy for the past 28 year. But with their 2.0 win over Cardiff brought them back to the first position and gave them 2 point clear over Man city.

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The two goals was scored on second half by Georginio Wijnaldum and James Milner to give them 88 point which tends to be their highest point so far on premier league.

Klopp said:

“If you are only motivated to win the Holy Grail, then something is wrong with you,”

We want to win football games because we enjoy the ride with the fans.”

However, if Man City triumph over Man U on Wednesday, then City will go back to first position with a point clear.

“In the end, we will see how many points we have and then we get what we get.

“We are motivated to play for this club. We have no influence on the other games, it is how it is. Our next game is against Huddersfield, which will be difficult again for different reasons.

“Some people up in Liverpool might ask us if we are thinking about Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals; we will be completely focused on Huddersfield.

“On Wednesday, there is a game as well [between Manchester United and Manchester City]. When we played Manchester United, they were in a much better moment than they are now and that was 0-0.”

He continued

Klopp was sad over the dryness of the pitch and also emphasized on the dangers of not watering the pitch before game start.

“The ball didn’t roll like normal. Everybody saw it,” he said. “It doesn’t make football easy when the pitch is dry.

“It makes it dangerous as well because of injuries.

“Dry pitches are dangerous for players injury-wise. I don’t know exactly why the pitch was dry – but we were prepared.

“We trained yesterday for one hour and 10 minutes on a bone-dry pitch just to get used to it.”

Klopp concluded

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