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iPhone can now be unlocked while wearing a face mask via iOS 13.5 updates

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iOS 13.5 updates

Today, Apple released iOS 13.5 with two additional features directly associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to the Face ID to help open your phone even if you are putting on a face mask and marks the first step of Apple and Google creating an Exposure notification system together.

On formal iOS versions, you would need to wait a couple of second when your iPhone tried to identify your face before you could enter a pass code when you tried to use a face mask to access your phone. However, in iOS 13.5, you will see the option to enter your passcode immediately if you swip up from under the display when you wear a mask.

IOS 13.5 also support the Exposure Notification API for Apple and Google, so if you’ve been in contact with someone with COVID-19 diagnostics, you’ll also be able to use apps from public health agencies that send you a notification. The system remains inactive until an app that uses the API is installed.

At some stage in the future, Apple and Google will add this functionality directly to their operating systems so that it can notify you, even when the exposure notification app is not installed on your phone, that COVID-19 might have been exposed. More information on the exposure notification system for Apple and Google is available here.

The functions in Group FaceTime calls can be allowed to be off by nowadays software updates which changes automatically the window’s participant size when people talk.

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