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iPhone 13 Leaked: Specs, Price and Release Date

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iPhone 13 Review

A leak of iPhone 13 specs just stunned the internet. Just few months back Apple launched iPhone 12, now there are rumors for the release of iPhone 13 next year.

It is certainly difficult to foresee the trajectory of Apple in terms of planning, given the iterative nature of this company, as we do not know everything precisely about the iPhone 12. As far as we have learned, some things, such as prices and applications, can adjust in the last moment of release.

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Also, it’s quiet early to start talking about iPhones 13 in as much the rumors tends to look real. That being said, some of these rumbles show us fascinating design choices that might not only inform future iPhones but send ripples via the smartphone market as we know it.

Design and Display

Is it gonna be portless? We will know as we read on. Just think about the last generation of Apple handsets with physical charging port in all models on the iPhone 12.

It’s a shocking idea but Apple could start gradually phasing out Lightning ports from one of the iPhone 13 models – and there might not be a USB Type C in place of it.

Rather, a Jon Prosser tweet makes it really clear. He stated that in 2021, there will be one iPhone without any port and they’ll all go like that. Prosser added that ‘Never the USB-C,’ killing users hopes that Apple would follow the same standard of Android telephones and other modern consumer devices.

The portless issue may sound awkward, but seems to be true because the European Union made a charge for all Smartphones to be using same charging port.

iPhone 13 notch and camera

The iconic notch of the iPhone 11 series dating back to 2017 ‘s iPhone X can be reduced for the upcoming iPhone 12 series to a slimmer and narrower form. However, it should be remembered that Apple is rumored to have absolutely played with the ditching for its flagships in 2020, but that a design for future versions will be requested.

Apple Specs

Apple bought Intel’s shuttering modem business for $1 billion exactly a year ago. It was Cupertino’s most rational solution to patent lawsuits that left a range of iPhone versions in competition with contemporary Android mobile systems, and has been out of court for years with Qualcomm.

Of reality, Apple and Qualcomm would eventually make peace, but it didn’t actually matter. Instead of being bounds with a supplier that has at best a tenuous relation, the iPhone maker seeks to control its own destinies.

The team works under Apple ‘s leadership for nearly two and a half years when the iPhone 13 must have been released, making 2021, the earliest time it could launch the first modem-based handsets.

Release Date

On 4th Friday in September 2021, we will see if the date of release for the iPhone 13 meets Apple’s normal time for release of Smartphones. It’d be September 24 as usual.

However, the release date of the iPhone 12 is delayed due to a coronavirus pandemic and will not be ready for the iPhone 12 Pro Max release until October or even November.

Coronavirus will potentially postpone iPhone 13 ‘s production, which will impact on the expected release date. But it’s just too early to say at this point.

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