I have fully recovered! James Bond actress Olga Kurylenko confirmed she’s free of coronavirus

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Olga Kurylenko confirmed she’s free of coronavirus on Sunday

Olga Kurylenko, 40 years old, has revealed that after having tested the coronavirus to be positive, she has completely recovered.

On Sunday, the actress reported on Instagram to say that it is now COVID-19 free.

She shared a lovely photo with her four-year-old son Alexander Max Horatio as she puts on a mask, announcing how she now “reflects” her time and spends a high-quality time with her boy.

Happy Mother’s Day! #mothersday P.S. I have completely recovered.

To recapitulate: For one week I felt pretty bad and was mostly in bed, sleeping, with high fever and strong headache.

The second week, the fever was gone but some light cough appeared and I felt very tired. By the end of the second week I felt totally fine. Cough is almost gone although I still cough in the mornings but then it completely goes away for the day!

I’m fine! And now I’m just enjoying this time to reflect on many things and spend my time with my son.

She wrote

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