Hantavirus: Man dies of new Virus in China after testing positive

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New Virus Hantavirus surfaces

After having tested Hantavirus to be positive, a man died in Yunnan province of China.

During his trip back to the province of Shandong the man passed away on a chartered bus, reports the Chinese Global Times. After a story of people panicking that another COVID-19 was ready to trigger a new pandemic, Hantavirus quickly developed reactions of people at social media.

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But Hantavirus isn’t airborne, unlike Coronavirus. Persons who get hantavirus typically get in touch with virus-carrying rodents. The primary risk for Hantavirus infection tends to be rough infestations in and around the house.

Even though it is not possible to pass HPS from one person to another, it can be contracted if somebody touches their eyes, nose and mouth after contact with drops of rats, urines or nesting materials.

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