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Google Meet App is Reportedly free for everyone.

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Google Meet App tends to be free

Google revealed today that it will make Meet, the video communication platform for businesses that interact directly virtually just like the Zoom, publicly available to everyone. To this day, you could take part in a meeting without being a paying customer, but to launch calls you needed a paid G-suite account.

Though, free Meet calls can’t be arranged immediately. Beginning next week, Google will open up Google meet free for public customers. It could take a couple of weeks before anyone gets there.

Free plans are only valid after September with meetings lasting no longer than 60 minutes so before then you can talk as much as you want. The only real restriction is that no more than 100 people are permitted in meetings. You already have screen sharing, real-time subtitles and the company’s latest tiled interface only days ago.

People may need a Google account to attend meetings, though, which may not be a big barrier for most users, but it creates more complexity than merely a Zoom link is needed.

Google believes you get a better network in exchange not just because reaching codes are difficult to infer, (which is a non-starter for “Meet-bombing”), Nonetheless, since Meet operates on the web and is therefore less vulnerable to threats.

“With COVID, video conferencing is really becoming an essential service and we have seen video conferencing usage really go up,” the Director of Product Management, Smita Hashim at Google Cloud, reviewed through Techcrunch. As such resources are increasingly needed, Google agreed to put individual users together, while Hashim noted that some of these were already on the company’s roadmap.

We are accelerating what we are doing, given the crisis and given the need for video conferencing at this point.

We still have the Google Hangouts product but Google Meet availability we are accelerating. This is a newer product designed to scale to many more participants and that has features like closed captioning and those kinds of things.

She said

At the moment, Hangouts are not going anywhere for users and even for Google Duo. Yet this step will exacerbate deprecation, at least for the Hangouts users who have been on health issues for a long time.

Google obviously noticed that Zoom caught up with the market and that Microsoft unveiled plans for a business team version. Google will not completely take advantage of what is now a break-through for Video-Conference software without a free and readily available version of Meet, and the business thus makes sense to press forward and get this new edition out of doors as soon as it can.

From a leadership perspective, the message was really: how can Google be more and more helpful

Techcrunch ask Hashim from Google

That was the direction we got. So from our side, video conferencing is the product which is really hugely accelerated usage and Google Meet in particular.

So that’s why we first launched the advanced features, then we did the safety controls and then we said, ‘okay, let’s accelerate some of these other features,’ but we kept seeing that need, so it felt like a very natural next step for us to take and make it available to all our users.

Hashim replied

Google is currently releasing a new version of G Suite, dubbed G Suite Essentials, along with free Google Meet access for all. This latest version, designed for small groups with links to Google Drive, Files, Board, Slides and of course Google Meet, is free until 30 September. It will be available free of charge. Then, Google will bill, but the company has not yet settled on the price, as Hashim told Techcrunch.

Google also provides some benefits for enterprise users before September 30. Which provide unrestricted access for all G Suite users to enhanced Google Meet apps and the option to live feeds of up to 100,000 audiences within their sectors, free extra Meeting licenses without an extended contract and free G Suite Essentials for business customers.

Google has used the presentation today to post some latest Meet statistics. For eg, last week meeting participants in regular meetings reached 100 million, and Meet now hosts 3 billion minutes of video meetings. After January, average peak usage has risen 30 times. That’s a huge amount of time for meetings.

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