Galaxy M41 might be Samsung’s first device to have third-party OLED Display

In the small OLED display business (e.g., phones, tablets, watch), Samsung Display still occupies, mainly behind the siblings of the Samsung Electronics division, as well as high profile customers like Apple. Now the company looks to provide external manufacturers with OLED displays.

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The Galaxy M41, according to insiders, would be the first smartphone to use a Non-Samsung OLED. Samsung has already selected the TCL-owned China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT).

However, BOE is also seen as a potential alternate supply chain, perhaps also as a source of displays on future flagships such as the Galaxy S21 (but not).

CSOT were selected for displays for Mi 10 and Edge phones by both Xiaomi and Motorola. Similarly, Samsung Electronics is free to choose the manufacturer of the product that best fits the price and feature requirements (as it does not necessarily use Exynos chips), so it is not specially designed for the Samsung Display.

Earlier this year, a flat screen and punch hole camera (with a fingerprint sensor on the back) were introduced for the Galaxy M41, the first edition. Since then, however, there was not much new information on the Smartphone.

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