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Free Sites For Online Classes

Below are top free sites for online classes:
Udemy, Coursera,, Udacity, Codecademy, Iversity, Skillshare, Khan Academy, Bloc and General Academy.




Are you looking for a perfect place for online classes? You a are at the right place to get all the information needed.

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The sites listed are perfect place for online classes because it also have an App that will be helpful especially when someone misses a class or wants to download an already taking course for detail understanding.

Below are top free sites for online classes

1. Udemy

Over 800 courses are contained in Udemy. They offer both business, tech, programming and other professional courses. Moreover, some of the courses been offered by Udemy are bit costly. It tends from $10 to $500 depending on the course.

2. Coursera

This is one of the best place for online courses students or learners can enrol in to studying some courses without any payment. Though, payment is required someone intends to have a certificate over a finished course.

However, coursera is in partner with some U.S university. And the offer professional courses.

3. Udacity

Udacity collects installmental payment. In terms of high tech courses, Udacity is a perfect one as they put more focus of technological courses. Data science is a course they study.


This accept a payment via subscription, learners pay $25 pay month, depending on the course. They have many tutorial videos that takes on the required course.

5. Codecademy

This is free. As the name implies, it is basically on programming. It offer courses such as PHP, Python, Java etc. Codecademy provides a group learning where programmers helps thirty fellow programmers. Codecademy was supported by White house previously.

6. Iversity

Just like coursera, Iversity is free. But they don’t give any official certificate. They are in partnership with some international universities.

7. Skillshare

Just like the name implies, Skillshare is based on skill for marketing and other relevant courses.

Some courses range from $20 to $30. Some other professional lessons can only be taken if you are among the membership and being a member, you required to pay $9.95 pay month.

8. Khan Academy

This is a free Academy. It offers free course on mathematics, science courses and programming. Khan is a good one to start with.

9. Bloc

This is not that free as they offer courses at the rate of $4,250. They have more focus on web development. Bloc is good for people that want a switch on career. And also a very good place for quite learning of web environment.

10. General Assembly

Price varies in General Assembly depending on the course. They offer courses on technology, business and design.

Also, they offer online classes via live streaming as they have campuses around the world.

Hope this article have helped your needs, if so drop your comments below.

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Apple Music is now free for 6 months; get it right now.





Apple Music is now free for 6 months

It’s just the right time to join it if you haven’t been on the Apple Music train. The free trial period for Apple Music’s Paid subscription has been extended from three months to six months. The advantage is that Apple Music is available on Android as well as on iOS devices. And also on computers (Windows or Linux).

For individual, family, and students who have not tried premium yet, the six-month free test offer for Apple Music is available in select several countries. Following the end of the trial period, Apple initiates a payment package that can be charged through your VISA, Master card or Debit card.

How to get the Free Trial for six months on Apple Music!

  1. Get the Apple Music App properly installed in your device by downloading it from Google play store for Android users and Apple store for iPhone users.
  2. Launch the app after installation, then open it and pick Try for Free.
  3. It will lead you to a page that will preview the number of months you have for free. If it indicates 3 months, your position is obviously not covered by this bid. In case your device has VPN and it’s in use, disable it, refresh your device and restart the process.
  4. When this is completed, click Try It Free. You will then be requested to pick a plan that you like. These plans also have rates which depend on your location.
  5. After the plan has been chosen, you are allowed to sign in either by means of the Apple ID you have already developed or by means of a new Apple ID. The free 6-month trial takes place after the plan and Apple ID have been chosen. Note, the trial or program may be cancelled at any time.

This is not known why Apple Music wanted to deliver a lucrative six months’ free trial, although it is extremely likely that this decision was made to persuade customers to sign in ahead of COVID 19. If you realize after six months that you don’t like Apple Music, simply cancel it.

In the comments section below, tell us your best Music Streaming App with some reasons why you like it.

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Shipments of Smartphones in China falls to 18%





Shipments of Smartphones in China falls to 18%, Because of COVID-19.

More approximate estimates from Canalys. Following a 13% decline in global mobile shipments over a year, China’s stats are much worse. Shipments in Q1 on the world’s largest mobile market dropped 18 percent year-over-year. Perhaps, it was to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic.

It indicates that China was hit hard for the first time in Q1 because it suffered the new coronavirus outbreak. The first known case dates to the middle of November and ultimately has a major impact both on local retail patterns and on the global supply chain, which is primarily headquartered in China. The lowest figure since 2013 has been 72.6 million shipments.

PS5: Release Date, Cost, Specs, Gaming, etc.

Naturally, the numbers could have been higher. Although 18% is very high for an industry that had been declining long before the virus appeared, Canalys says those statistics have been rescueled by the new status of the smartphone as a ‘key commodity.’

The smartphone’s status as an ‘ essential’ personal item has stopped the market falling further during the pandemic.

The Q1 performance was also buoyed by China’s well-established ecommerce channel for smartphone distribution, and the fact that most Chinese businesses were able to resume work rapidly after two weeks of nationwide travel restrictions.

Unfortunately, the same conditions do not apply in any other major markets in the world.

In a quote, Canalys VP Nicole says.
Smartphone market in China

However, economists remain “cautious” about the potential of the economy to rebound back in China, let alone the rest of the world, with certain countries already being impacted by the pandemic.

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Microsoft to preview Xbox Series X games on 7th May.





Xbox Series X games demo

Next month Microsoft will display some Xbox Series X games. The software maker will host a special Internal Xbox stream on 7 May with a emphasis on Xbox Series X titles.

The event in the organization will feature next-generation gaming from Microsoft’s “global developer partners.” though the tirltle for Xbox Game Studio games will be made known later.

So pumped to see our partners showing us a first look at Xbox Series X gameplay next week. According to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing General Manager. Also aware of some large summer plans being worked hard by Xbox Game Developers staff. More details in the near future. We are likely to see further Xbox Series X plans from Microsoft in June as E3 was supposed to take place.

The Microsoft case is confirmed shortly after Ubisoft has released the first Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer. This holiday will be the latest game in the series of Vikings, which can be played on Xbox X and PS5 Games.

Ubisoft has announced that during the Microsoft gathering, it would showcase gameplay in Valhalla. The time for the event of Microsoft’s inside event will be by 7th May at 8AM PT / 11AM ET.

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