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Are you looking for a perfect place for online classes? You a are at the right place to get all the information needed.

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The sites listed are perfect place for online classes because it also have an App that will be helpful especially when someone misses a class or wants to download an already taking course for detail understanding.

Below are top free sites for online classes

1. Udemy

Over 800 courses are contained in Udemy. They offer both business, tech, programming and other professional courses. Moreover, some of the courses been offered by Udemy are bit costly. It tends from $10 to $500 depending on the course.

2. Coursera

This is one of the best place for online courses students or learners can enrol in to studying some courses without any payment. Though, payment is required someone intends to have a certificate over a finished course.

However, coursera is in partner with some U.S university. And the offer professional courses.

3. Udacity

Udacity collects installmental payment. In terms of high tech courses, Udacity is a perfect one as they put more focus of technological courses. Data science is a course they study.


This accept a payment via subscription, learners pay $25 pay month, depending on the course. They have many tutorial videos that takes on the required course.

5. Codecademy

This is free. As the name implies, it is basically on programming. It offer courses such as PHP, Python, Java etc. Codecademy provides a group learning where programmers helps thirty fellow programmers. Codecademy was supported by White house previously.

6. Iversity

Just like coursera, Iversity is free. But they don’t give any official certificate. They are in partnership with some international universities.

7. Skillshare

Just like the name implies, Skillshare is based on skill for marketing and other relevant courses.

Some courses range from $20 to $30. Some other professional lessons can only be taken if you are among the membership and being a member, you required to pay $9.95 pay month.

8. Khan Academy

This is a free Academy. It offers free course on mathematics, science courses and programming. Khan is a good one to start with.

9. Bloc

This is not that free as they offer courses at the rate of $4,250. They have more focus on web development. Bloc is good for people that want a switch on career. And also a very good place for quite learning of web environment.

10. General Assembly

Price varies in General Assembly depending on the course. They offer courses on technology, business and design.

Also, they offer online classes via live streaming as they have campuses around the world.

Hope this article have helped your needs, if so drop your comments below.

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