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Deontay Wilder has eight children from four Different women.

Millionaire heavy champion and father of eight Deontay Wilder, is a man who seems to have everything but insists that his best decision is not near to lace the boxing gloves.

It was a long journey from the “struggling to meet ends” to the most dreaded man in the industry, for the 34-year old previously pancake flipper.

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Although he may be frightening in the ropes, he is very much a family man away from the ring, who wants to care for eight children from four mothers. Wilder started boxing late and was twenty years old.

But choosing to take on this sport that would forever change his life is nothing compared to the choice of life or death he had to make while waiting for his first daughter.

When Wilder and his then-friend Helen Duncan were told their kids were born with Spina bifida, they were poor teenagers.

“It had been scary first off to know I had a child on the way. It was even scarier that this tiny being would be coming into the world with a defect.

“I was so young, holding my whole world in my hands. Suddenly I was facing this huge responsibility for a life which would need my enormous care and attention.”

“The doctors told us she would never walk. Told us maybe she would never have a child’s natural ability for learning. They offered us the opportunity to terminate.

“This was the most important decision of my life. To keep her or not to keep her. Thank God I got it right. We just felt she had a right to live.”

Says Wilder

Naieye approaches her fifteenth birthday next month, and Alabama’s native 6ft-seven could not be more pleased with the fighting spirit of her “miracle” child.

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