Cultists Disclosed How They Murdered More Than 11 People

Cultists Disclosed how they murdered More Than 11 people

Three individuals from the Black Ax confraternity, otherwise called Aye, threatening inhabitants of Ijanikin, Iyano-Ishashi and Ojo territories of Lagos State, have been captured by agents of the Inspector General of Police Special Tactical Squad, STS, for murdering no less than 11 people over the most recent two years.

Vanguard assembled that the suspects, recognized as Nasiru Bashiru, Kenneth Dike and Power Michael, were gathered together when they hacked a moderately aged man, distinguished as Walter, to death at the passage of a mainstream inn at Iyano-Sashi territory of the state on July 21.

Police sources said the suspects and individuals from their faction, were captured following an appeal to kept in touch with Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.

It was found out that the IGP, following up on the request, conveyed a break group of agents of STS, driven by an Inspector, Akan Smith, and the suspects were trailed to their den and captured.

At the point when Vanguard met the suspects, they admitted to have participated in killing of 11 people in Ajegunle, Magbon and Ijanikin zones of Lagos State and confessed to have been available on the day Walter was killed.

I killed 6 rival cult members—Bashiru

30-year-old Bashiru, who is hitched with a youngster, admitted that he joined Aye Confraternity in 2012 after he was mortified by a few cultists in his neighborhood.

He said: “As a trailer driver, I was always beaten up by some cultists and my money taken from me. Those boys used to extort me and called me a jew, meaning I was a nobody.

“When a member of our group, Destiny, was killed by members of Eiye confraternity, I was part of the group that retaliated. We killed three members of Eye at Magbon area.

“I held one of our victims as we shot all of them. They died on the spot before we left. After those killings, I ran to Ghana and learned internet fraud. When I returned to Nigeria, I also carried out three more killings.

“But on the night Walter was killed, I was at the hotel. I tried to warn him that members of our cult were laying ambush for him, but he did not listen. Walter was a member of Vikings cult and had killed several Black Axe members in the past.”

I killed 5—Power

Telling his story, Power, 28, said:

“I joined Aye in 2011 while in university. But I was expelled from the school over cult-related activities. When I came back home, I regrouped with members of my confraternity in Ojo and have carried out five different killings.

“My first mission was at Oko-Afor area of Badagry. I do not know the name of the person because I was invited to do the job. The second person was at Ijanikin, known as Badmos.

“He was a member of a rival cult group and I was assigned to kill him. The third person was at Kasidi area of Okokomiko. I was also invited to kill him. The fourth person I killed was one Asumo living in my area at Ketu. Asumo was a member of a rival cult group and had once attempted to kill me.

“The last person I killed was one Yusuf, who was also a friend to Asumo. After they attacked me, Yusuf ran to Ibadan to hide. I trailed him to Ibadan and I killed him. I didn’t take part in the killing of Walter, but I knew that he was going to be killed.

“Walter was the head of Arobaga, also known as Vikings operating in Alaba International Market. He killed one Theophilus two months ago who was a member of our group. The killing made us declare war against Arobaga.

“When he came to that hotel, which is in our area, I went to him and warned him to leave because there was plan to kill him. He also bought me a bottle of beer.

“But he was killed by one Bobo and some others whose name I don’t know. If Walter had listened to me he wouldn’t have been killed.”

Representative Commissioner of Police responsible for the STS, Kolo Yusuf, demanded that STS would not yield in its exertion at doing combating savage wrongdoings.

He included that those captured would be exchanged to the murder segment of the Lagos State Police Command Criminal Investigation Department for arraignment.

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