Burna Boy Publishes Sharp New Video For “Gum Body”, His 7th Single From The African Giant Album

His seventh single off The African Giant Album is Sexy New Video For “Gum Body.”

Burne Boy published his cool music video for his 6th single, “Pull Up” a few week ago, and now he unveils a sexy new video feat Jorja Smith’s “Gum Body.”

The video is a drastic change from “Pull Up,” which had vivid colors and a glad light.

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Video of Burna Boy– Gum Body In this fresh video maybe, Burna is singing about the same lady for whom he crooned in his earlier song, excusing him for his screw-ups and stating his love for this lady.

Like the song, Burna singing about his willingness to bring the subject of his desire back to his arms. This is gentle, soft and melancholy. But the subtle echo of lust, love and ardor lies beneath the solemnity. The video is like Burna caressing a Jorja Smith who is scarcely dressed by a window, singing with each other softly and living in the corridors of the vacant flat in which a dancer appears in the shadows.

The messages in the video are sadness, loss of love and the chance to keep up in harsh moments.

Enjoy the Video below from Burna Boy– Gum Body.

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