Amazon listing unveils price of Sony PlayStation 5

ps5 playstation game 2020
ps5 playstation game 2020

Later today Sony hosts a online session, which gives us a first insight at the PlayStation 5 games. The company has already disclosed the specs of PlayStation 5, but has not yet announced its price.

However, with a price tag of £599.99 ($760/€670), the gaming console was listsed at Amazon UK, and although most listings clearly have a placeholder, the price is too precise to be random.

More authenticity is provided by the fact that the listing has since been downgraded. Some watchful shoppers took these screenshots showing that PlayStation 5 is provided with 2 TB storage.

Of course, the 1 TB and 2 TB models were price-same, which obviously would not be the case if the sales were started properly. We suspect that Amazon had only the initial price and added it to the two games mistakenly.

Sony previously confirmed the 825 GB capacity of PlayStation 5, although it was actually a firm who applied to real data.

Amazon UK also listed the PlayStation 5 sets from some developers for up to £69,99 ($90/€80), but they were also placeholders with no information on the games.

The Sony PlayStation 5 event will begin at 8PM UTC and we hope to get more about the price and possible features of the gaming console.

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