Facebook and Twitch Gaming booms in January, See the games that are viewed most

Facebook and Twitch Gaming boomed in January, checkout the most viewed games

Facebook and Twitch gaming are having a good time, the period of time the two gaming platform was viewed raised times two in 2021 when compared to the hours of views in 2020. This information was gathered from Rainmaker.gg and StreamElements.

Facebook and Twitch just a month back reported an increase of 117% on annual basis. Facebook gaming passed 439 million hours broadcasts whereas the Twitch gaming got its overall result of more than two billion hours.

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However, Twitch only chatting category is about 242 million hours of broadcasting views which is the most popular, coming second is Rust having 189 million of legends league of 163 million.

Rust in question in January had a rapid increase by + 1.226%. When looked at 2020 December, mostly every games in the Top 10 of Twitch have increase and some of them are Fortnite at 91 million, 108 million hours, Call of Duty Warzone at 75 million, Grand Theft Auto V at 71 million, FIFA 21 with 54 million, Counter-Strike Global Offensive at 58 million and Minecraft at 74 million hours of broadcasts viewed.

As of December 2020 Facebook Gaming was viewed at 388 million and Twitch was watched 1.7 billion hours and it is much more higher in number this year.

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