Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bounces back as the world riches man

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bounces back as the world riches man over Elon Musk

According to Forbs, Jeff Bezos the boss and founder of the famous online store Amazon has been the number one in the list world riches people starting from 2017, but just in January 2021 being this year, another man called Elon Musk took over the position. Elon Musk went back for Jeff Bezos to regain the top position immediately 2.4% of Tesla’s shares felled this present week.

The information that was presented by CNBC have it that there was decline in Tesla’s share price at the range of 2.4% to $796.22 thereby decreasing Elon’s worth by $3.9 billion. Elon’s wealth grew rapidly in the past few years and the beginning of this year while it took Jeff years to be world richest.

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Just last year August, Jeff was recorded with the wealth of $200 billion therefore marking him as the first individual to have it and in 2018 the $150 billion milestone was passed. Jeff was moved to the top list this week by joint hands at the capital of $109.3 billion while Elon with the capital of $173.4 billion fell back to the second in the list.

As was rumored at the beginning of February that Jeff Bezos will be changed as the Amazon CEO this year, and will be taking over by Jassy. These individual changes is meant to happen towards the end of this year 2021.

Jeff will be assigned to the office of chairman of the board of directors, therefore leaving to the forthcoming CEO many works of load of operational business management. Building of the Aerospace business of Blue Origin and involvement in the charity initiative are the major plans by the founders of Amazon in the forthcoming years.

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