Things to consider when buying a laptop

Things to consider when buying a laptop mostly in Nigeria

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However, there are several things needed to checked and know when trying to purchase a new laptop both in Nigeria , Africa and even the whole world.

Some even attribute good laptop to brand producers like HP, Del etc, but that not actually the case the case because if you buy a laptop with low RAM, like 250MB and low Memory storage like 32GB, then it is said hang most times when high software is been installed. Even if you buy them from verified vendors.

Therefore, in this article we will learn things to know when trying to buy a laptop and make sure you are shown the specs of the laptop before buying. The things to know are listed below:

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1. RAM

RAM means Random Access Memory. It is the system or primary memory that holds data temporary during processing. When the RAM is low and the data to hold and process is high, this often causes the system to hang.

This is very important to be considered, because low RAM capacity can slow the functionality of a system. Therefore, it mostly advisable to go for high range of RAM such as 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 12GB RAM etc. But note the higher the RAM the higher the price of a system.

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2. Memory Storage

This is also called ROM (Read Only Memory). It is the secondary storage where all data such as software, raw files, Photos etc are stored. This holds data permanently unlike the RAM that holds data temporarily.

Considering the range of hard disk when buying a laptop depends on what you intend doing with the laptop. For systems that someone wants to use for gaming requires very high range of hard disk even up to 1 terabyte and more. 500GB is okay and normal, even 250GB can be considered when you are on low budget and you just want to use the system for minor jobs.

3. Processor

This is the brain of the system popularly known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It is where all the operations are carried out.

The popular processor been used by people is Intel core, which is also what I personally used. There are several ranges of core such as dual core (2 processor), Intel core i3, core i5, core i7 etc. When you are considering buying a laptop for high jobs, core i5 should be the minimum to be considered.

4. Screen size and quality

These days touchscreen is becoming common in the market and it should be considered because it helps in easy access. Though touchscreen tends to be more expensive but very interesting when used.

The size of the screen is also important because mini laptops comes with small screen and it is not too good for public businesses. The screen resolution is very crucial because it determines the quality of the images. The least resolution to consider should be A 1920×1080-pixel resolution (Full HD).

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5. Budget

The amount of money you mapped out for a system probably determines the level of system you will get. As stated earlier the higher the amount, the higher the quality while the low the amount the lower the quality.

For system below $200 is know 2 – 4GB of RAM + 250GB to 500GB of hard disk. And for $300 and above, one can get very quality laptop. Most in Nigeria and Africa at large, people always like fairly used system. You can still get at 50,000 naira to 100,000 naira.

Finally, I hope you are cleared on things to consider when buying a laptop. Please drop a comment on if this post was helpful or to add your own view.

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