Online and Offline Shopping which is better

Online vs Offline shopping

Many questions like Online and Offline Shopping which is better, 7 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Better Than Offline, Five Benefits of Online Shopping and Offline Shopping, What is better online shopping or offline? etc have severally been asked.

Therefore, if you still contemplating of whether to shop online of to go near by shop to get things offline. Don’t bother anymore, in this article everything you need to know about online and offline shopping will be detailed in full.

There are some advantages and disadvantages on online shopping, likewise offline shopping. But what matters is final product authenticity.

However, I will detail some advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline shopping and then finally state the one that suits people.

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Advantages of Online Shopping

1. Bringing products to your door step:

One can order a product online and put the address of his house and withing the specified hours or days the product will land in his house with out going to the market.

This tends to relief stress of going out and moving from shop to shop in search of any item.

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2. Reduction in price:

Online Shopping tends to be cost effective because most online stores normally goes directly to the manufacturers.

Most of them also affiliate with some production companies thereby making products to reach the final users at lower price.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

1. Delivering of wrong product

This normally happens because the graphical photos of the product will be looking much more beautiful than the product in real life.

Also some products like wears or fashions might not be the same size with the user.

Also, sometimes they deliver a product that have stayed long in the store which might at the end damage in the hand of the user with out staying long.

2. Delays time:

Some products takes days or weeks to be shipped, some even take months to land depending.

This really makes it difficult for someone to order an item that is needed very urgent.

Advantages of Offline shopping

1. Physically seeing and feeling the product before buying:

This very important, as one can touch, weigh, check the items before making any payment.

Samples will also be shown to the user incase the product is a sealed item.

2. Getting the required product:

When someone can be able to touch and check the product before buying, he or she is said to buy his or her desired goods without making any mistake.

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Disadvantages of Offline shopping

1. Stressful:

It is very tiring moving around the market in search of a particular product, whereas you can just type the item you want in the search space when dealing in an online store.

2. Costly:

Most times the products in the offline stores tends to be high in price to the final users.

Finally, as the two differences have been detailed above, let me finalise on the one I prefer or think is better from my experience.

For instance, I have had experiences with both shopping. One day I ordered a headset from one online retail store. The headset was very beautiful in the picture and on getting to me, what I received was an iched and turn headset.

Also one of my friend that ordered some clothing online, on getting the product it was different texture.

These tends to happen mostly someone orders items from unrecognised online retail store.

Some online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba is very much trusted and can give you what want.

Online is an enhanced way of living and reduces time waste. So it is advisable to go for trusted and recognised online retail platform to get your required and quality products.

please drop a comment to appreciate or air your view on the topic online and offline shopping which is better.

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