Google is currently developing an anti-tracking functionality for Android

Google is working on anti-tracking functionality for Android  

Apple announced that its latest update would provide a transparency tool for app monitoring that will allow you to monitor your privacy better.

Google is developing something similar, according to Bloomberg, – avoiding cross-app monitoring on Android devices, but the functionality is still in the early stages of discussion.

A Google spokesman said the company is “always looking for ways to work with developers to raise the bar on privacy while allowing a healthy ecosystem of ad-supported apps.”

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Anonymous sources have reported, however, that Mountain View genuinely wants to find a balance between privacy-conscious uyou ers and the financial needs of developers and advertisers.

Google, with more than $100 billion a year, is one of the richest digital advertising firms. Most of this money was raised by targeting owners of Android devices – sometimes, if you were searching for an item on Chrome, the same item would appear in another application in an ad banner, even if it was a simple game.

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