How To Create a Clickbank Account in Nigeria and Africa

How to Freely Open a Clickbank account in Nigeria

Clickbank account is not easy to be gotten, even sometimes when there is a change in IP address with VPN.

It is not a new news that most of the African countries can’t apply and be approved for a Clickbank account. But all those issues of getting your clickbank account approved in Nigeria and all other African countries are carefully detailed in this article.

In this article, you will get to know that the process isn’t that hard. You will guided throughout the processes of getting your Clickbank account approved. Check out how to open a Clickbank account for free in 2021.

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Things needed for Clickbank account opening in Nigeria and Africa

  1. A computer system. An android smartphone is also allowed but most times VPN misbehaves on it.
  2. A good network. If not 5G or 4G, at least 3G can be managed.
  3. A VPN, Premium type. Premium package is highly advised to be used, though there are free ones but most times it’s not strong and can be detected thereby causing your Clickbank account to be blacklisted, which is obviously bad.
  4. A working browser.
  5. An email account, like Gmail, Yahoo etc. Though Gmail is mostly recommended.
  6. and a Payoneer account.

Details on how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria 2021

Once you are done creating your Gmail account,  go ahead and install your premium VPN in your computer system, Then Proceed:

  1. Open your browser and open four (4) tabs
  2. On first tab open and login to your Gmail account.
  3. On the second tab open, location UK will appear then continue.
  4. On the third tab open Fill the form by choosing your gender, For Name/Set, select England/Wales. For Country, select the United Kingdom. Check out the screenshot underneath and make sure that all the details are copied into your text editor e.g notepad for easy access. Other vital information needed are street address, city, postal code and phone number. Just of recent Clickbank introduced State to high it’s security, to go over this. To go over this, for example if a city like MICKLEOVER was generated, just search in Google especially in Wikipedia’s to see the city’s more details. As you go through it on Google the State of the city will appear and then you fill it out.
  5. On the forth tab, open and head to create account, then fill in your main sur name and last name, that’s your main name you used in opening Payoneer account not the one generated in Under Street Address, postal code, mobile number enter the details generated from including your email address.

Click on the next step for the section to fill in the bank details. In this place just fill out your Payee name just the way it appears in your Payoneer card which is your main name.

Secondly, you have to put in the nation’s location of your bank, choose UK and for bank name select Barclays or Citibank. verify the captcha and accept the terms and conditions.

In conclusion,  if the above instructions was followed strictly the result will be a successful one. You will be taken to Account information page to choose your username and password.

Thanks for going through this article on how to open or create a Clickbank account in Nigeria and Africa. I hope you got what you wanted, please drop comments to air your view.

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