Microsoft confirms arrival of Xbox Series S on November 10th

Microsoft confirms arrival of Xbox Series S on November 10th

The next-gen of Xbox begins on November 10th

Microsoft announced its Xbox Series S console today after a several leaks appeared overnight. Now, the company is confirming the new $299 console will be available on November 10th. The same date that the Xbox Series X is rumored to launch. The trailer also leaked earlier today, confirming support for up to 120fps at 1440p, ray tracing, and a 512GB SSD.

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Though Microsoft is yet to confirmed full specs for the Xbox Series S just yet, but the cheaper (and smaller) console is designed to target 1440p gaming at around 4 teraflops of performance. We understand the Xbox Series S have the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, making this am amazing cheap entry point into next-gen gaming later this year.

For now, we are still studying more about the graphical efficiency of the Xbox Series S, but the only immediately and obvious hardware drawback is the 512GB of storage. This could be a challenge for some, especially as modern games always surpasses the 100GB mark. Microsoft will likely counter this with smaller assets at game download, and it’s likely the Xbox Series S will have the same removable storage port found on the larger Xbox Series X. Microsoft can’t using a disc drive in the Xbox Series S, so storage expansion will be important.

Microsoft promises more details on the Xbox Series S soon, shortly we know a lot more about Microsoft’s tiny next-gen Xbox console.

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