Reasons You Should Wash Your Car With Steam Instead Of Water

Reasons You Should Wash Your Car With Steam Instead Of Water

It’s cusy when you cruise around town in a sparkling clean car on a sunny day. It sparkles and shines like a brand new car. Stat shows that over 72% of people prefer taking their car to a professional car wash, but why do that? Maybe after reading this article you’ll have a change of mind.

Normally, you’d be using a hose to shine up your vehicle daily before going out. However, using steam the best option for a few reasons.

Now we explain in full details on Reasons You Should Wash Your Car With Steam Instead Of Water.

Very Eco Friendly

In a stat by the International Carwash Association, more then 23 to 43 gallons of water is consumed in a single cleaning. As a society, we need to play out role to help reduce excess water usage.

When you steam clean a car, you use a significantly lower amount of water. Fortador USA wrote in a blog post that steamers use less than a gallon of water to clean a car. The technology nowadays is very advanced and efficient.

You might argue that car washing doesn’t have the biggest impact on water consumption, if we all resolve to steam, there would be less wasted. This isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also help you save more.

Residue Elimination

After washing your car, you wipe it down to prevent water spots from forming. The chemical residue from the cleaning can permanently damage the paint on your vehicle. The streaks on the window will also interface with your vision when driving.

Steam creates a more even distribution, so there’ll be fewer watermarks and build up. It sanitizes as you rinse, so all soap and other residue are taken away with the vapor.

Clean the Inside Too

Using a hose, you won’t be able to spray down the inside of your vehicle to get it well cleaned, but you can with a steamer. The vapor will sanitize every corner of your interior. You’ll be able to get the dirt and grime out of the small crevasse without creating water damage.

Fewer Chemicals

Some products we use to remove grease, oil, dirt built up, and to sanitize the vehicle are harmful. These substances are filled with harsh chemicals that could damage your car colours. Also, If you breathe in a lot of these chemicals, it can result to headaches, respiratory issues, or other severe medical conditions.

Steam works at a very high temperature, so there’s no need to use harsh products to clean. The vapor can disinfect and remove grime easily without toxins. This is also good for the environment as you won’t be using products that make their way into plants, rivers, or other waterways.

NaijaRhymes Opinion

Advancing as a society, it’s better we learn and change our habits. One of these is how we wash our cars. It’s much better to use steam than a hose with water.

This method is beneficial because it’s more eco-friendly, there’s less residue, you can clean the inside with ease, and fewer chemicals are used.

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