Under-display camera tech to be functional in Xiaomi device next year

Under-display camera tech to be functional in Xiaomi device next year

The announcement arrives as a diligent show of how far the thrid generation technology has come.

Xiaomi will start mass-producing smartphones that has its under-display camera technology next year, the company announced today. The announcement arrives as the third generation of the technology Xiaomi has developed, the company says, although the first and second versions it made hasn’t been able to find it’s way to mass-market consumer device.

In a video shared on its YouTube channel, Xiaomi showed off the technology in comparison to a more traditional hole-punch notch.
Under-display camera tech to be functional in Xiaomi device next year
Under-display camera tech[Techcrunch]

According to Xiaomi, its new version of the technology works by letting the selfie camera to see through the gaps in the display’s sub-pixels, which are the red, green, and blue dots that combine to make each pixel.

Xiaomi revealed the area of display above the camera has the same density of pixels as the rest of the screen, so it can “perfectly disguise” the selfie camera underneath.

According to the tech gaints, the selfie camera itself will match the performance of more typical front-facing cameras.

Xiaomi said the screen area above the camera should match the “brightness, color gamut, and color accuracy” of the rest of the display, but didn’t say whether the panel itself is OLED or LCD, or what kind of resolution we would be expecting.

Though Xiaomi says that the selfie camera is perfectly disguised, there seems to be a small square shadow visible at the back of the display at the 0:29 mark in its promotional video.

An Images posted to Twitter by Ice Universe of the device shows a similar, albeit very faint, round discoloration where the selfie camera is.

It comes as a surprise since, Smartphone makers has since been teasing under-display cameras for a little while now, but so far the technology is yet to see proper commercialization. Xiaomi and Oppo both introduced the technology back in June last year, and Oppo displayed a working prototype that month at MWC Shanghai.

But, Engadget reported that the effect wasn’t perfect, and that the area of the screen above the camera looked more pixelated than the rest of the screen. Vivo had intentions of showing its take on the technology in a concept phone at MWC this year before the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Recall that earlier this month, ZTE announced it would be launching a smartphone with an under-display camera on September 1st called the ZTE Axon 20 5G. Ao Xiaomi might not be the first smartphone manufacturer to bring the technology to a mass-market.

In the meantime, it’s not clear if the device will launch outside of China.

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