Here Are The Best Trading Bots of 2020

Here Are The Best Trading Bots of 2020

With Nigeria seeing over a 210% rise in crypto currency usage, it shows that in Africa, Nigeria is the country with the fastest adoption of crypto assets. So Here Are The Best Trading Bots of 2020 to help you increase you income and avoid losing cash.

This has now created an avenue for for those looking to make money from trading as a full-time job.

Also, with Nigeria amongst the African countries with the most number of BTC ATMs it only brings more opportunities to the table. Now trading can see seen as a full time job with many investing much into it already.

In recent times, the market is so volatile that regular humans are slow to making regular trading decisions. Making the use to trading rise and now in use by both professional and semi-professional traders. Of cours, these trading bots can be set to take calculative trading decisions accurately according to pre-set parameters assisting to cope with a volatile market.

We have also discovered over time that fewer and fewer humans trade the market themselves as time progresses. In present times, automated trading is now in vouge over all the asset classes.

People sitting in front of their laptops staying the charts in other to trade now seen an ancient act. Many of the current market users customize algorithms and only review aggregated data on their smartphones.

What features of a Bot makes it standout?

First, we analysis the characteristics that define trading bots. The vital thing we need to consider is how intuitive the user interface of the bot is.

A good trading bot should be easy to navigate the layout, understand the functionalities, and have a suite of tools capable of high customization without too much stress.

Second, it should be able to test run different strategies first-hand. Which includes stop-loss, scalping margins, and others. It also requires a robust backtesting database to test investment modules under untold circumstances.

Third, security is the most important features. If this is not assured, you might lose all your money in few minutes. The bot must integrate two steps verification, API encryption, and new login notifications. The platform also needs to use the latest encryption.

Here Are The Best Trading Bots of 2020

Here naijarhymes make a list of the best trading bots available today.

1 Hassbot

Hassbot|| Here Are The Best Trading Bots of 2020

Haasbot is the main machine the company Haas Online. It was built by Stephan de Hass in 2014. The bot remains one of the oldest of all time owing to its high degree of functionality.

It works basically in trading using pairs of coins or tokens, which is easily programmed using a command line or a drag menu. The platform has in to a pre-programmed fifty economic indicators such as moving averages, RSI, trend lines, and many more. Currently, it is compatible for Windows and Linux, however, it isn’t available for OS at the moment.

The company gives you an insurance for trades using their platform at an additional cost. We can’t say for sure if data is collected when using the bot as since it is not stated in their policy.

Haasbot gives integration with more than twenty exchanges across the world. These include Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex.

It is priced per contract time with lengths of three, six, or twelve months. These are only payable in Bitcoin and vary during the year. One good thing about it remains that anyone around the globe can access the Haasbot platform by purchasing a little BTC.

2. Instantcoins Ng

Instantcoins Ng

Intelligent Retargeting Engine
Coming with supper unique features, the platform just launched in 2020, is has a fully automated option for crypto trading. All you need to do is just connect your online crypto wallet to the platform. Then the user does his setting to ‘buy and sell’ parameters for the automated software. You will be charged pre transaction made using their system.

3. BTCRobot


A trading bot built as a software. It is not supported on a platform such as eToro or something similar. It requires you renew on a monthly basis on either a silver and gold plan. For silver you have to pay nine-teen dollars while gold is thirty-nine dollars.

Setting up requires sets of data for various strategies. A unique features about it is it’s ability to produce prediction algorithm that creates multiple forecasts of price movements based on past conditions.

The bot is not hard to install, however it comes with a very extensive manual attached to it. Some of the basic requirements are easy to understand, but training and forecasting are technical. Get an expert if you don’t understand how to set it up.

Here theses bots are surly to give you value for you money with some coming with 100% moneyback options. We hope you now know The Best Trading Bots of 2020 to increase your income and help you reduce losses.

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