3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income

3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income

Being a content marketer can be very demanding with lot’s of tasks to accomplish. Firstly, You need to create and manage your content marketing channels, consistently create wonderful content and manage your outreach campaign.

Mostimes, you’re tasked with the job of getting these all done at once.

The real fact reminds that for you to scale your content marketing, you surly need tools to automate your work. You won’t be able to do it all by yourself when it comes to content marketing.

So after a deep look at the Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income we have made this list below.

Reading this article, we want to believe you have an idea already on the full potential of content marketing and how it can impact your business.

Below are 3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income. In this list you will get some of the best email marketing tools, landing page tools, scheduling tools, outreach tools, keyword research tools, and many more.

The tools listed here can’t be of use to everyone in a like manner and we can’t also offer you need but, this once named here are then best if you use them properly.

Wasting no further time, lets get started with the best content marketing tools in the market; there’s a lot to cover.

1. HubSpot

3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income

Hubspot comes with an all-in-one solution for marketing automation, sales, and customer experience ( CRM ). It was Founded 2006 and ever sincere, Hopspot been found to be the best inbound marketing tool for content marketers.

Some features of its tools as hubs, Hubspot offers free CRM hub, sales hub, CMS hub, marketing hub, and Services hub.

Each of the hubs is a tools and features given by Hubspot software.

Particularly, the free Hubspot CRM give you the opportunity to manage your customers at no extra cost to you.

The free CRM comes with a reporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management, email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat.

The latest addition to the tool is the CMS. Hubspot CMS is a content management system with a drag and drop interface, contact attribution reporting, adaptive testing, and SEO recommendation.

2. SharpSpring

3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income

Yet again another mind-blowing content marketing tool you might want to checkout is SharpSpring. Founded in 1998 and one of the oldest marketing tools, SharpSpring has risen to become a strong alternative for its competitor, Hubspot.

Instead of then normal email tool, SharpSpring is a full suite marketing automation tool; that allows you to monitor your different marketing campaigns and also track what’s working or not.

Being able to track what’s bringing results in your marketing campaign is the bedrock of SharpSpring according to its founder, Rick Carlson.

Some important many features, of SharpSpring is that it allows you to send out emails, build landing pages with a library of templates, create forms, design your emails, lead nurturing, automation, lead scoring, and many more. SharpSpring comes with different solutions for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

Interestingly, SharpSpring offers affordable pricing plans for different stages of businesses. They offer services for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

SharpSpring ha a month to month flexible billing plans that’s flexible enough to get a beginner started easily. The month-month pricing removes the word “commitment” from the pricing, and allows you to stop using the software anytime.

For the small business package, SharpSpring offers three different pricing plans which include. The basic plan that costs $550 per month supporting not more than 1500 contacts to reach out to. The second plan that supports 10,000 contacts costs $850 per month, and finally the premium plan that costs $1250 per month offering support for up to 20,000 words.

3. SEMRush

3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income

About SemRush: It is your runto SEO tool for keyword research and backlinks research. No doubts, SemRush remains undoubtedly one of the best content marketing tools for researching content.

Popular for its keyword research tool, SemRush gives an in-depth analysis of keywords. It includes their difficulty score, monthly search volume, related keywords, and sites already ranking for the keyword.

Till date, SemRush ranks top for one of the most efficient mad effective keyword research tools to use; with different filtering options available.

The filtering feature in SemRush for better and accurate research in the country filter are very unique. SemRush helps you narrow your keyword research to a country.

When narrowing your keyword research, SemRush offers unique, different and accurate results.

To content marketers, the ability to carry out keyword research and know what your audience is search for is a plus.

Bloggers and content marketers enjoy SemRush best.

In addition keyword research, SEMRUsh is also an all in one marketing tool for content, SEO, advertising, and social media marketing.

Least we forget, SemRush provides a backlink research tool which lets you do of the sites linking to your site. And also their domain authority, spam score, links gained and date, and links lost plus date.

With the website project feature, SemRush analyzes your website every month and gives you a report on SEO performance and drawbacks.

The monthly reports includs an SEO site audits that allows you see if there are issues with your website that prevents it from ranking high on search engines.

Need To know the Cost To Run SemRush?

SemRush currently has three main standard recurring subscription plans; pro, guru, and business plan.

The pro plan costs $99.95, the standard plan costs $199.95, and the Business plan costs $399.95 per month.

For agencies or companies needing it’s own costom plan, SemRush has this available as an enterprise plan.

Although we have listed but a few of the 3 Best Content Marketing Tools To Improve Your Income, we hope you can get a better results using this tools as explained in this article.

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