10 Best Mobile Apps for Children to use in learning at home during the pandemic

Table of contents

  1. My Incredible Body For Kids
  2. Book Traps Book for Children
  3. The Human Body By Tinybop
  4. Jolly Phonics Lessons
  5. ABCmouse.com
  6. YouTube Kids By Google, Inc.
  7. Elmo Loves 123s
  8. Khan Academy Kids
  9. Stack the Countries
  10. Toca Lab, Toca Boca AB

Children have open brain to take in anything they come across and also curious over anything around their environment. Parents are to be committed to getting the best atmosphere for them to acquire knowledge and grow.

Thanks to latest technology, there are many best mobile apps for children to maximize their performance at home. Obviously, many children makes use of virtual learning to learn from home.

Tech devices that are children friendly such as pads, phones, PC, tablets and other available electronic devices. In that manner, your children can be more active as they learn at home.

Having that in mind, below are 10 best mobile apps for children to use in learning at home during the pandemic.

1. My Incredible Body For Kids!

Incredible Body (Android) is an incredible knowledge acquisition mobile app for children to get knowledge about their human body. At their tender age, it’s good for them to have knowledge to all body part and how their functionality. This mobile app offers meaningful answers to all the questions your kids have or might ask over their bodies.

In addition, it educates them how to pronounce and spell all these body parts perfectly. Even though, you have to pay a little amount for subscription fee before you can enjoy the full features.

2. Book Traps Book for Children

Get Book Trap-Book Creator for Children (Android). Parents are advised to give a room for their children to explore their creative ability in a productive way. This educative app is a combination of creativity, talent and fun which enhances children’s value.

Your kid can develope books with their own stories for free by using this app. Surprisingly, it is available on IOS and Androi devices just for free. Also, it has interactive features and tools that can get children on easily. This children mini-book making app is important for enhancing their story making and logical thought.

3. The Human Body By Tinybop

If you have got a sprout anatomist, or specifically a child with a ‘why’ or doubtful imagination, then this app is meant for them. The human body pic s being explored, and also figure out what organs do, and the functions of the whole system.

If you wish for your child to become a Doctor, pharmacist or other medical related Professions, then this app is to be considered. Though, it’s not really free, can be gotten at £1.99.

4. Jolly Phonics Lessons

Jolly Phonics Lessons (Get on Android | Get on iphone) is another top mobile app for children because it provides improvement for their English skills. Distinctly, it is a rich learning medium contained with resources on phonetics. This app defines the art of phonetics and makes English language more interesting.

Your child will fastly learn how to spell and pronounce words perfectly using this platform. It is made up of quizzes, songs, games, word banks, tests and stories which will keep your kids busy. Also, it contains a colorful and interactive functions that will make your child to be glued all through each lesson.

5. ABCmouse.com

Get ABCmouse.com (Android) | Download ABCmouse.com (iPhone). Many parents likes this app because of the learning setup it has to measure your children during learning process. Online learning program is fully provided to increase their growth in several subjects. Science math videos, language arts, music videos and other resources for any child to develop creative skills.

Moreover, it comes with a month free trial including a monthly subscription for every months.

6. YouTube Kids By Google, Inc.

This is not only one of the best educational applications, but just one of the best applications for children. It uses a suitable age and interface to put all these educational (and fun) videos. Kids enjoy YouTube, which makes it easier and more convenient for younger ones.

Interestingly, YouTube kids is made free for children.

7. Elmo Loves 123s

Get Elmo Loves 123s (Android) | (iPhone). This mobile app for children educates them about countings and numbers. It is a platform to increase your children’s enthusiasm for calculation in an easy way.  Also, it provides the beginning of math skills through puzzles, tracing, videos, color pictures, numbers and many more.

Its functions are very awesome and kids friendly. Furthermore, it removes entirely the fear of mathematics from children.

8. Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books

Get Khan Academy Kid (Android) | (iPhone) is a popular and free mobile app to enhance children’s productivity.  Almost every basic subjects taught in schools are contained in this app for children to gain knowledge in their respective homes.  It has packs of interesting and rich lessons for children to learn new things everyday.

A progress tracker is also contained for the parent to track their kid’s learning ways. It also provides some additional resources for children to get more knowledge about the subject area.

9. Stack the Countries

Get Stack the Countries (Android) | (iPhone). This app makes knowledge acquisition geography fun because it connects your children to anywhere in the world. It teaches children on interesting facts on different countries all over the globe.

This best mobile app for kids will teach your children about places, people and way of life of foreign indigenes. It allows children to learn countries’ spellings also. Stack the Countries in addition has an atlas that is easy to read which helps know these countries location. Moreover, having this app includes a price tag.

10. Toca Lab, Toca Boca AB

This program is the virtual chemistry package that doesn’t destroy your home accidentally. The different elements are presented as quirky characters and the ideas about what happens when they are warm, cooled, combined, etc.

Toca Lab can be installed at £2.49.

To conclude, there are lots of rich content these mobile apps and many others have in store for children. Have in mind that nowadays learning process is no more confined only in school environment. Even at home, kids should be guided with the best resource to learn. So, check out these distinct mobile apps and help the healthy growth of your child.


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