Analytics: Top selling Android Phones in Q1 2020 (Galaxy A51…)

The Galaxy A51 became Top selling Android Phones in Q1 in 2020, Galaxy S20+ is the only Top 6 flagship.

Samsung’s four products ranks as the top selling Android Phones in Q1 2020¬†out of the best first-six phones, according to data from Strategy Analytics. The two others were Xiaomi.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 was a safe lead with 6 million units delivered, making it 2.3% of all Androids sold worldwide during the first month of Q1. The A51 is world famous, especially in Europe and Asia in particular.

Analytics of best selling phones in Q1, 2020. Sourced from Businesswire

For the cheap competitor, Xiaomi’s Redmi 8, is its closest inline, covering 1.9 percent of the market. They have various fansin China and in India and in Europe they are becoming increasingly famous. SA states that financial issues combined with decreased shipment discounts in the pandemic have driven people to opt for lower price devices.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S20+, is the only flagship model in the Top 6 at the third position with a 1.7 percent rating. On the list S20 Ultra was missing out where as it was selling far more better than expected and even the less cheaper S20 wasn’t on the list in as much it’s more similar to S20+ in terms of hardware.

The Galaxy A10s and Galaxy A20s remains one of the most common telephony systems in the world and are part of Samsung’s attempts to improve its entry-level services. The phone that opted Redmi to a premium option is the second phone of Redmi Note 8 is Xiaomi which is more affordable than it’s siblings.

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