Leaked: Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite to be sold at $1,100, plus S865 and 4G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite Review

Rumors says that Samsung would reduce Galaxy Fold 2’s initial price by $100 in contrast with the first Fold, but that will also bring most of the users outside the reach.

Part of the gossip which came from Max Weinbach who first reviewed a lot of Galaxy S20 info now have it as he explains an affordability of “Galaxy Fold Lite” will soon be made available.

The retail price of the Galaxy S20 + 4G is starting at €1,100. It is absolutely a 4G network in other to see that the price is reduced. All will be a combination of old and modern components identical to the Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite. 2018 was for the oldest one as this year last part will be from this year.

This won’t really be the one with the lowest price, though Snapdragon 865 might likely be, in accordance to S20 family (the main Fold consists of S855). For fold 2, rumors also have it that the storage capacity will be up to 256GB.

Like Z Flip which has Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite won’t have the UTG on it’s internal screen, that’s means that quality of the image will not really be perfect in comparison to that of Z Flip (the UTG don’t really help much in screen protection).

The secondary display of the original Fold is is 4.6, but the external screen of of Fold 2 will eventually be lesser than the previous one.

The phone’s chassis is made of aluminum. The outside is lined with Mirror Black and Mirror Purple glass.

In addition, Weinbach claims that the 5G-connected Galaxy Z Flip may also be a “lite” standard. There are some 5 G phones with a S855 + chipset but this latest Flip will also provide an update of the chipset, as is the case with the Fold Lite.

Samsung Galaxy fold lite price in Nigeria will be ₦464,500.

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