Amazing Foldable iPhone model that will beat Galaxy Z Flip reviewed (video)

Amazing Foldable iPhone design

Apple just showed up a video of Foldable iPhone model to compete with Samsung in the context of foldable phones.

Apple set to go into the foldable phones race, though for now there is no foldable iPhone yet. There are few ways to go on this, as the just released model shows that iPhone might copy the style of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The video of the foldable iPhone is can be streamed at the end of the post. Through BGR, #iOS beta news made the design for the “foldable iPhone”, the smartphone is on normal iPhone size when it’s horizontal but has a demarcation at the back of the phone which allows it to be foldable. People might say, “this isa reformed open and close phone”.

As the Galaxy Z Flip have an external screen cover that was made for notification, though very small compared to the big notification display screen in front of that of Samsung Galaxy Fold. With this idea, Apple allows moderate external display to show the iOS 13 Today view, allowing someone to hover over the widgets with the phone closed.

Some of the design was gotten from to come iPhone 12. That was said because of the rumors of iPhone 12 pro Max and iPhone 12 pro to feature quad camera block consisting of a LiDAR depth sensor located at the bottom right part.

The front Camera is a punch hole notch which makes it look different front others. Other Samsung foldable phones don’t really have it, be it Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10, Apple is likely to make this push next year.

For the security and unlock, the concept of face ID is used at the main time, which in other to get more infra-red scanning pattern that the face ID requires, it needs some type of notch. In that case, unless Apple start using screen display of scanning of fingerprints or any other type of mounted side sensor, which we can’t see Apple doing that.

iPhone 12 is still being expected as we wait to see the Foldable iPhone or iPhone Flip. We look forward for iPhone 12 to be launched by September, which is meant to come with four designs with three unique sizes and it will consist of the 5G network and the new A14 chipset of Apple and also iPhone 12 Pro includes a LiDAR depth sensor at the back Camera with refresh rate display of 120Hz which is so important.

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