The COVID 19 testing sites are now shown via Apple Maps

COVID 19 testing sites on Apple map

Now COVID-19 testing sites are being shown by Apple Maps in all the 50 states and in Puerto Rico (through TechCrunch). If you look for a Coronavirus test or a COVID-19 test, places on your map are marked which give COVID-19 tests.

Additionally, the word “COVID-19 Testing” appears at the top of the search bar as you attempt to type COVID-19 into the search bar, just as if you were typing things like a “grocery” or a “coffee shop.”

The information Testing Cards of Apple include hours and address and telephone number of the website, together with a warning that ‘COWD-19 testing could require referral of a doctor, an appointment at the Testing Center’ and a link to the health provider’s website that provides the test.

Apple introduces a portal for Healthcare Providers to submit their data.

Apart from the launch of an Apple website last week, the latest research sites in Apple Maps allow hospitals and medical professionals to display details on the 9to5Mac Apple Charts.

Google began showing research centers COVID-19 for much of the United States on a map on April 17th, with the exception that you live in Maine, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon and Pennsylvana as part of such search outcome. But, it seems like when you look for it specifically in Google Maps, Apple does not view about as many test centers as on Apple Maps.

For example, when you search Google Maps for a testing center, Apples’ app shows a variety of testing centers in Arizona.

Nonetheless, Google will reveal a map of several testing centers in the state if you check Online for the COVID-19 test in Arizona. Google tells The Verge that in addition to the search results, it is working on adding test center knowledge to Google Maps.

Apple’s accessibility patterns also have been revised and additional cities, such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, Portland, Salt Lake City, and San Diego was included.

Apple and Google have both collaborated together on an iOS and Android-based coronavirus monitoring system.

We look up in seeing Covid 19 testing sites with same App in Africa soon.

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