How to start a blog and make money from it 2020.

How to start a blog and make money in Nigeria.

In this article, I will discuse on how to start a blog and make money from it with just few steps.

Blogging is a means of making money by sharing your ideas and experience online. It’s also a means of marketing your products.

What is the Purpose of blog.

Though, blog is a means of making money. Therefore, most people think that it is just by creating a blog today and start earning from it tomorrow.

No, that’s not the way it works. It takes a little of time and hardwork. Because, when someone wants to start earning from blog immidiately, it pushes the person to copy people’s post. Which is highly not accepted by Adsence.

Steps to start a blog.

The following guide gives you a short step to start your own blog.

1. What to blog about:

Firstly, you have to know what you want to blog about. You can do this by knowing what your hubbies are.

For example, if you are good in sports or betting. You can choose to start a blog on sports just like Or if you are good in technology, you can as well start a tech blog which is most advisable for someone to start on.

Moreover, this days their are many entertainment blog now. So if someone choose to start a blog on entertainment, there might much competition for him/her.

2. Choose a Domain for the blog:

After finalizing on what to blog about. Then, you have to choose a domain name for your blog. Domain name is the name that will be use to locate your blog.

When choosing a domain name, you have to choose a name that is related to what you want to blog. For example, if you want to blog about entertainment, you shouldn’t go on to choosen a domain name like, looking at this domain it looks like domain for jonals.

3. Buying and hosting the domain name:

Hosting a domain is the means of storing your site in a central system that runs 24,7. However, there are many hosting company you can host your site on.

They are Namecheap, GO Daddy, WhoGoHost etc. Before hosting your site you have to buy your domain first. The hosting company also offer the service of
selling domain that is available.

4. Design your site:

Designing your site is the process of arranging and organising your site’s layout so that it can be attractive to visitors. This days there are easy ways of designing a site. That is, no knowledge of coding is required from you.

Such platform are wordpress, blogger, WIT etc. They all makes us of drag and drop features. Which is easy and flexible to use.

5. Monitizing your blog:

This is the most part people always rush to do. Properbly because they need quick money.

However, the main two means bloggers earn there income is through Google Adsence and Affiliate maketing. For Google to approve your Adsence you have to have
quality content that is copyright free.

You can also put affilate advertisement on your blog. But it’s advisable to apply for Google Adsence first, and be approve before attaching affiliate marketing
to your blog.

Finally, I hope this post titled How to start a blog and make from it, which I really the steps I took have helped you. Please drop your comment below if you don’t understand any part. Or if you need a blog. You can contact us Here is you want us to design a blog for at cheaper rate.

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