5G vs Coronavirus and the health standards

5G network vs Coronavirus
5G network vs Coronavirus

Review of 5G vs Coronavirus

The speculation of what has caused covid 19 and how it has spread across many Nations and 5G vs Coronavirus argument have been the talk since last few weeks. Many have reacted on the Internet saying that the epidemic has been caused by new 5 G networks. Radio waves can not produce the COVID-19 virus as we will see below.

The theory of collusion has circulated across social media. Keri Hilson, with 4.2 million followers on Twitter and an American singer, sent tweets last month attempting to connect the coronavirus to 5G. She wrote:

People have been trying to warn us about 5 G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies … what we’re going thru is the affects [sic] of radiation. 5 G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead.

Also, In the beginning of April, the famous actor Woody Harrelson linked 5G with the coronavirus. In an Instagram message, he confirmed that reason he did not “completely vetted” rumors linking 5G to the pandemic.

These assumptions on the social media have brought a lot of fear to the mind of people which resulted to attacking 5G masses that have already been installed in some of the countries.

5G Review

In addition to words like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, is the 5G networks. Exactly, still? The next generation of cellular technologies is for the uninitiated 5G. The features of 5G technologies are particularly optimistic, as it transforms people’s living and working patterns.

We switched from 3G networks to 4G networks not long ago, but the move wasn’t hype as much as it was for 5G. Some may characterize the transition from horse riding and carriage to driving a car. And other people would suggest it’s like going from a typewriter to a computer. Summarizing, the 5G is revolutionary.

Advantages of 5G network

  • 5G is going to give breakneck speed.
  • The bandwidth of 5G is likely to be bigger.
  • 5G will support IoT in its entirety.
  • 5G is going to help us build more stable self-sufficient vehicles.
  • 5G would help improve healthcare.
  • 5G is a modern, super-fast, internationally moving wireless infrastructure.

Large cities in the United States have 5G live networks. In several other nations, 5G also stays, for example in China, South Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom. The technology will change the way we live and will drive anything from self-driving cars to immersive immersion in augmented reality. In the coming decades and possibly longer, the belief is that any country that leads in the 5G network will lead the world.

Covid 19 or Coronavirus Review

Coronavirus origin is considered to be from Wuhan of a “wet market” where both dead and live species, including fish and birds are traded.

These markets pose an elevated risk of viruses moving from livestock to humans because it’s impossible to establish levels of sanitation if live animals are stored on site and slaughtered. They are often usually heavily packed and often transmit disease between animals and animals.

Covid 19 being sourced from animal has not been determined, although it is believed that the original host is a bats. Bats were not marketed in Wuhan, but live chickens and other animals may have been contaminated by bats.

Bats host many zoonotic viruses, such as Ebola, HIV etc.

Is 5G the cause of Coronavirus?

The answer is literally No. 5G network is just an advancement from 4G network that have already been installed and working in almost all the countries in the world over the years.

5G network was initiated to provide faster connectivity and help boost IoT (Internet of Things).

And CNN have characterized the linking of Coronavirus with 5G network as misinformation.

Effect of 5G to health

Some theories of 5G stated that the new network emits radiation that may destroy DNA and result in cancer, cause oxidative damage which can lead to early ageing, disrupts the metabolism of cells, and can contribute to other diseases through the generation of stress protein.

The radiation is very high and it can weaken the immune system which exposes the body to contamination of various diseases.

In conclusion, we hope that the reader have gotten lots of knowledge from this article, 5G vs Coronavirus. Drop your view or comments below. Stay safe.

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