Cloud computing latest technology

cloud computing latest technology. cloud computing as of curent is impotant and very useful to many industries and enterprise. it has also shown that it’s will soon be abducted by most online industries.

Statically, this uprising of cloud computing can be as a result of it’s high security, it’s more profitable and more importantly easy accessibility etc.

Below are top cloud computing latest technology

1. Infrastructure as a service(IaaS):
The customer base uses the hardware, software and other structural services been own by cloud providers.

The use of pay as you use package which cloud tech offers is far manageable and cheaper than the use of software, hardware, and other online services which are packaged in a fixed payment form. The fixed payment can be a week, a month or months as the case may be, which Most times the annual subscription will expire with your payment on it.

Cloud technology is as well more reliable to use with much security.

2. Cloud automation:
This cloud automation is very crucial when as regard to technology. In few years back, it have highly improved the functionality of many businesses.

This is a technology that will automatically manages some applications and also facilitate it’s functionality. Which might course the reduction of IT workers because the work needed to be done manually will be done automatically.

3. Internet of Everything(IoE):
In computing world Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is at it pick because it plays an important row in everyday activity.

Internet of Everything (IoE) as the name implies bring the communication between a machine and another matching. For instance, the controlling your television with your smart phone or outside your compound.

Cloud tech is said to grow more in rest to IoE.

4. 5G:
fast data connection is importantly needed for fast accessing of cloud resources. 5G network is said to rapidly grow in 2019, which will as well increase the quality of group work.

By increase in the use 5G network, data will be more flexible and easily access. And this is said to dominate the world as time goes by.

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