Top 10 Video Editing Software In 2020

Top Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe After Effect
  2. Blenda
  3. Hitfilm 4 Express
  4. BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve
  5. Lightworks
  6. YouTube Video Editing
  7. Filmora
  8. Freemake
  9. VSDC Free Video Editor
  10. iMovie

Details of the above listed video editing software

This article detailed top Video editing software. It’s also map out the free and paid ones.

Video editing software is a very important software been used by freelancers, Video editors, professionals and including many other short clip shooters.

Below are top 10 Video editing software:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro in action

Adobe premier is not really free because it offers just a 7 days free trial. Which after the 7 days you will be asked to purchase the software or the system will stop running.

This is a very nice video editing software just like other adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

2. Blenda

Blenda during game and cartoon creation

Blenda is a professional free video editing software that runs on OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

It’s used for 3D creation, such as creation of games, animations, modeling and other high educational and commercial purposes.

It’s a bit difficult to learn but has high advantages when mastered.

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3. Hitfilm 4 Express

Hitfilm during work

Hitfilm 4 express is also a free video editor. Hitfilm pro is the higher paid version of Hitfilm 4 express.

OS such as windows and Mac are compactible for Hitfilm. There are some Add-ons which is been offered by Hitfilm and can be purchased at $10 and above.

Hilfilm contains 3D and 2D effect and some video tutorials.

4. BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve

BlackMagic DaVinci software Interface

The free version of DaVinci Resolve is DaVinci Resolve 15. And the paid version is DaVinci Resolve which can be purchased at $300. Though, there is no much difference between the free and paid version.

It provides video editing in Ultra HD, HD and SD.

5. Lightworks

LightWorks Software Interface

This have a free and pro paid version. Lightwork tends to be a professional editing tool, it is been used by Hollywood video editors. Lightworks was used for the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” which was mastered by Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s been advised to start with the free version before purchasing or entering the pro version.

6. YouTube Video Editing

YouTube Video Editing Interface

YouTube, which is highest platform for watching videos is also used for video editing, which most people don’t know.

YouTube offers a free video editing and have other high features.

7. Filmora

Filmora Software Interface

Filmorago is a flexible video editing tool, which is more easier to learn. It have a free version and also a paid version which consists of three packages.

It can be used on androids, windows, Macs and ios.

8. Freemake

FreeMake video editing interface

Freemaker is a free video editor. It has no paid version, no trial or limitations. And it’s also free to download.

It serves as a video downloader or video converter, such as converting a YouTube video to any format.

9. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC free Video editing software interface

This is a complete free video editing software. It’s basically made for windows and doesn’t have any trial period or watermark tagged to it.

Special effect, object filter, transition effect, object transformation and color correction are the 5 categories in which VSDC are divided into.

There is a paid option which is $10, that’s for technical support. And also $19.99 for VSDC pro version.

10. iMovie

iMovie Software interface

iMovie is a free video editing software. It’s basically built for Apple products such as iPhones, iPad and other OS or IOS.

It can be used on Mac OS. That’s to say a video editing can start from your iPhone and then being transfered to Mac for it’s final finishing. It is of more quality compared to other video editors.

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