How To Stop Your Laptop From Consuming Excess Data In Windows 10

How To Stop Your Laptop From Consuming Data. 

If you have been finding it difficult to end the way your system or computer socks Mega Byte(MB), I guess you are in the right place to fix up the problem. 
In this article, I will show you the full steps on how to make your Laptop or system consume lesser MB just your Phone in windows 10. 
Enough of the talks, let us jump into the full steps to stop excessive data consumption. Which is caused by auto system renewal and updates. 

These Are The Steps:

Follow the steps listed below amicably. 
  1. Click your windows button.
  2. Search or navigate to control panel and click.
  3. Go to View by: category, and select large icons.
  4. Navigate to Administrative Tools and click.
  5. Select Services
  6. Scroll down and click on Windows Update.

In the pop-up, you will see Service status: Running. 

  1. Click stop.
  2. Go to Startup type, change it from Automatic to Disable.
  3. Finally click OK.
Finally, your browsing will now start to consume lesser data just like the mobile phone.
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