Top 5 things you should never do in the morning

Things you should never do in the morning. How you start-up your morning determines how your day will look like. If you start-up your morning being lazy, weak or doing some of the things listed below might give you an unproductive day. Here we will talk about 5 things you should never do never do in the morning.

Here are 5 things you should never do in the morning

  1. Don’t snooze your stop watch in the morning:
    Some people normally snooze their stopwatch and go back to sleep and small time the stopwatch rings again thereby causing an unfinished sleep.
    However, when your stopwatch rings, just wake up and stretch your yourself and prepare for the day or rather off the stopwatch entirely and give yourself more rest if you over worked the previous day or worked through out the night.
  2. Don’t login to social media
    Once you wake up from bed, you should not grab your phone or laptop to check for messages, because it will cause you to lie back on your bed and start replying those messages. And sometimes you will end up chatting for hours which will alter some of your plans for the day.
  3. Never over eat or take excess food in the morningTaking excess food in the morning will make you feel tired and dizzy. Therefore it’s always advisable to take little food like tea, water etc in the morning.
  4. Never forget to eat before going out in the morningEating in the morning keeps your body at alert. Going out in the morning without eating is likely to make you sluggish which might cause your day to be unproductive.
  5. Don’t leave your room dirty while going out in the morningIt is always advisable to keep your in order before going out. Keeping your room untidy will always make you feel like you have a job you left undone at home which you will still attend to.

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